Thursday, March 14, 2013...7:00 pm

Oscar Pistorius: one mystery solved

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There are many puzzles in the Oscar Pistorius did-he-murder-Reeva-Steenkamp-in-cold-blood-or-was-it-a-tragic-accident case – but one, at least, looks like it has a solution.

Why, oh why, asked prosecutor Gerrie Nel, did tragic Reeva take her mobile phone into the toilet with her at 3am?

Of course there is data to tell us. Research (or, ‘research’) by Sony and O2 reveals that fully three-quarters of us use our mobile phone while sitting on the toilet. Mainly to stave off boredom, apparently. How those minutes drag. 

So in fact it would have been more suspicious if Reeva had left the phone in her handbag in the bedroom, not less. 

Watch out for more legal insight as the case develops. Though probably not here.

Welcome back, by the way – posting has been light-to-non-existent while I learn about electromagnetism and Special Relativity. I’m hoping to ramp up a bit as spring approaches. Once a month, maybe…

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