Sunday, March 31, 2013...6:59 pm

Best Media Fool’s Day joke: Mumsnet runs Vajazzling course to empower women

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So good I almost fell for it, the Mumsnet Academy course on vajazzling is my April Fool’s Day tip for best media prank.

Sadly, as April 1 is a bank holiday, it won’t get the – ahem – exposure it deserves. But here’s a thread on its very own forum of nearly 50 excited potential Mumsnet subscribers who can’t wait to develop vital life skills ( “finally a USEFUL academy class!”, as one puts it). Yes, maybe some are in on the joke – but not all.

The only straight-faced report I can see so far is on marketing business site Brand Republic’s, which also got tweeted by BrandRepublic editor Gordon MacMillan – although maybe in a totally post-modern and knowing way.

It’s a shame it’s not real. I for one would be more than happy to sign up to hear a keynote speech from TOWIE star and “vajazzle junkie” Amy Childs on the semiotics of personal adornment in the arena of contemporary motherhood. A learned dissertation awaits…

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