Uploading video to your blog

Uploading video to your blog (Seminar/workshop March 12th 2009)
The video made by the first-year group is here:
Go to the little arrow in the bottom right hand corner to get the embed code if you need to.
Good subjects for quick online video are:

  • Video diary of you doing something interesting (quirky, amusing, dangerous, unusual)
  • Vox pop about a hot topic (Jade Goody, Michael Jackson or, you know, something serious)
  • Reviews –instead of writing a review of a restaurant or bar, video it, like this one in Washington DC.
  • Interview someone – this video interviews the head of a tech company at an IT conference [duh, only just realised it is an audio download. I’ll look for a better example.Same principle though]. You could do it at a gaming event, a fashion show, a gig –whatever.

iMovie is good for a very quick cut of a simple video clip –
easy to do and easy to export (using the “Share” function under the “File” menu) to web-compressed Quicktime movie. You can then upload this to YouTube and paste the embed code into your site/blog.
Technology: any digital camera with a movie setting that can shoot AVI clips [most do these days]. Any phone with a video camera that lets you transfer the clip to computer. A small camcorder such as the Flip video camera.
You can also broadcast live via your web site. Use Qik to broadcast via video phone (there’s a limited number of compatible phones as yet), or Ustream to broadcast from your PC or laptop. You can also use the saved video files to embed in a post or page later.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.