Monday, February 16, 2009...10:35 am

Frontline animation volunteer

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Just back from Animated Exeter, where I spent the weekend helping kids do cut-out animation in the Animarathon workshop and generally stood around in a fetching light blue T-shirt being “young and animated” as they put it, wandered around with a clipboard and helped out with ushering and taking tickets.
Of the two, the workshop was by far the more successful. I felt a bit of a spare part doing the standing around thing, and always seemed to be in the wrong place when something actually needed doing. Much better to be involved with a workshop where you have a specific job to do.
There was lots of interesting stuff on – even though I was so tired by the afternoon that I fell asleep in the cinema during the worthy but slightly dull schools award showing. Still I only missed a lot of animation about cleaning up litter and saving the planet, which is all right. Except I was sorry to have zoned out on Electrobugs – a cool looking individual entry using silicon chips and computer circuitry.
More on all of this when I’ve uploaded the pictures from the camera.

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