Wednesday, March 4, 2009...4:04 pm

My first-year student blog masterclass

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A last-minute booking to sit in on first-year undergrads at UCA Farnham’s journalism course means I get to wade through a pile of blogs in a professional capacity – as opposed to my usual practice of wading through a pile of blogs for geeky fun.
The students are doing the online module, which means they are supposed to be learning about blogging. All the highbrow blogging-as-social-commentary stuff should have been covered, which means I get to look at the fun stuff like How to Build Your Audience.
Fun? you say, incredulously.
Why, yes. Because then I get to talk about how John Scalzi taping bacon to his cat got the second highest traffic of any page on the web on September 15 2006.
Does life get any better?
Also, this means I may actually be able to carve out a tiny niche in the vast “bacon + cat” Google search rankings. Fame, fortune and 65,000 page visits beckon seductively…

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