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Does Press Gazette’s death matter?

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I totally missed the news about the demise of Press Gazette. It’s kind of sad, given that it’s been around so long. And also because I worked a few shifts there back in the late ’90s. 
But does it matter? 
Many, many, journalists will, at this very moment, be jumping up and down, foaming gently at the mouth with rage and horror at the news. Not me though.
I always flipped through a print copy when I saw it, but it always seemed to talk about  newspapers – local, regional and national – as the be all and end all of journalism. I never saw much about my own side of publishing – the trade press – and not much about consumer magazines. So it never seemed that relevant to me. 
I know, I know. Loads of you will probably want to see me shot for that and claim it covered everything about journalism you could wish for. Sorry, I didn’t notice.
And it’s telling that I didn’t notice that the paper was even on its way out. That’s because I hardly ever went to its web site, and I haven’t seen a print copy for years now.
I’m currently working on a post about surviving the recession, and while I talk about the Guardian‘s media job site and, it didn’t even occur to me to mention Press Gazette
Oh – did I mention Yes, that’s where I go to check up on what’s happening in the business and what jobs are on offer. It’s all part of the reason why print is on its way out – at least in the trade press. I don’t think Press Gazette will be the last trade title to pull the plug, by any means.  (HT: Dog Bites Dog)

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