Wednesday, June 3, 2009...3:32 pm

Journalism is saved! By law!

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Press Gazette reports on the Government’s determination to “sustain local journalism”. It’s all part of the government’s glorious five-year plan to secure Britain’s place at the forefront of the global digital economy – otherwise known as the Digital Britain report.
Apparently, earnest culture secretary Andy Burnham said: “Citizens need content produced to high journalistic standards. The internet in my view will not replace that.”
So, just how does the Government plan to facilitate this? (Given the inevitable structural change that is reshaping media away from what are seen as “high journalistic standards”.)

“Lots of this does not need legislation but it’s likely that some of the proposals will.”

Oh, great. The Government will just pass a law that says local news media will not die. Maybe there will be a rule that requires us to buy a local newspaper every week. Luckily they’ll be able to track our purchases using our new ID cards to make sure we comply.
Perhaps it’s more likely that the government will simply pour some of our taxes into publishing local newspapers. (Just for the record though – that won’t necessarily make us read them. Take note, social engineers.)
Frankly, I think the Government, and its Opposition, have done quite enough to boost journalism over the past few weeks.
Seriously – just put your feet up and leave us alone for a bit…

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