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RSS is dead – long live Twitterfeed

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The Online Journalism Blog says RSS is dead and newspapers should abandon their useless RSS news feeds for Twitter.
As the OJB is such an authority, when it says “jump”, I obviously ask “how high?”. And then, sheeplike, I swap my no-doubt useless RSS feed for a link to my Twitter account.
How easy will this be? Actually, not so hard. A few seconds’ search brought me to, which, with suspiciously impeccable timing, offers to do this very thing for me.
The process is easy enough:

  1. Sign up to Twitterfeed
  2. Click on “Create New Feed”
  3. Click the link to “Connect your feed to your Twitter account”
  4. Throw security to the wind and reveal your Twitter username and password (go on, how sensitive are your Tweets? Really?)
  5. Navigate back to Twitterfeed (NB: the screen hung up on me at that point, but when I logged back on to Twitterfeed it had made the link successfully)
  6. Give your feed a name
  7. Enter the feed URL
  8. Click “Create feed”

It’s a few minutes’ effort – but will it actually work?
Truth to tell, I have no idea – the only way to find out is navigate to Twitter and see. If you see an extract from this post there, it’s a runner.
And then I can add a feed from my Twitter account to Freelance Unbound, which means you can read Twitter posts of blog posts of Twitter posts of blog posts until you have to lie down in a darkened room and not go near the internet again for some time.

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