Monday, August 3, 2009...10:00 am

New Stop Frame animation blog

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I’m off to glamorous Rotterdam this week to do some stop frame animation with my good friend Arnold. He’s very talented (much more so than me), though obviously as he’s Dutch he’s a bit bonkers. Evidence of this can be found in his showreel here.
As a result, journalism and digital media are probably not going to be central to this week’s posting. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on puppets and Plasticine.
I’m also taking the opportunity to break out the animation theme from Freelance Unbound and give it a home of its very own in the sister Stop.Frame animation blog. There’ll be a cross-link at the top of the page to each from now on.
So that’ll be two blogs I have to worry about keeping up. Still, it’s not as if I have anything else to occupy my time with.
And if I see any fascinating snippets from the Dutch media I’ll be sure to share them with you here…

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