Thursday, October 1, 2009...9:30 am

So, how was our media recession?

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Bit mixed really, it seems, if our poll results are to be believed.
In the end the votes were split pretty evenly among my slightly unscientific poll questions. Here they are:
How’s your media recession?

  1. Fine, thanks. I have plenty of work (21%)
  2. It was a bit rough 9 months ago, but things have picked up (32%)
  3. I’m finding it hard to pick up enough commissions or shifts to fill my week (26%)
  4. Very bad – I’m verging on unemployed (21%)

The slight bias towards question #2 kind of backs up the news story that prompted this in the first place – a report by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research that GDP rose by an estimated 0.2 per cent in the three months to August, thus signalling the official end to the recession.
Then again, the under-employed and unemployed responses did just edge out the smug “I’m doing OK” brigade. So things aren’t easy out there.
Of course, all this is anecdotal. The poll had too few votes to be statistically meaningful – and I now realise that the first two questions are not mutually exclusive (hey, I’m not a market researcher).
But it is interesting that there was no really clear swing to any one response. It has been a very mixed media recession – and some have been either better able to survive it than others, or simply luckier.
Fingers crossed things have stabilised a bit anyway.

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