Friday, October 23, 2009...2:00 pm

Journalism: "Please stop whining"

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I really enjoyed this post from Business Insider editor Henry Blodget (really – someone is actually called that). 
His argument:

  1. The debate is not about journalism but change. 
  2. The people moaning about the death of journalism are really moaning about the death of newspapers.  
  3. These are the people who stand to lose out in whatever transition is upon us.
  4. Some things are always lost in transitions. Deal with it. (There is overcapacity anyway.)
  5. Those who embrace the change find they actually enjoy the new world.
  6. The journalism it produces is quite effective actually.

It’s a nice, open and upbeat approach to the change that is upon us. And it’s also very positive about the continuing importance of journalism. (Which regular visitors may appreciate, as it’s not always something I’m able to be…)

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  • Hm, that’s an interesting summery, I didn’t read it myself and I’m not too deep into journalism myself. When reading your article I got an idea of how alike journalists and artist are.
    Being a journalist is more like an attitude like being an artist is. Ideally, a “true” (whatever that means) journalist wants to write, to search, to uncover naturally – he or she wants to find answers to share with others which could be independent from your daily job and media. (At least that’s my impression.)
    Things are changing all the time. But your attitude makes you a journalist even when your cleaning somebody else’s toilet.

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