Friday, October 30, 2009...6:09 pm

London Lite closes: free run for the Evening Standard?

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I missed this on Tuesday (I’m not obsessed with the media you know), but it seems the London Lite is to close.
I’m kind of glad – but only because I now don’t look so stupid for predicting it prematurely.
Does this mean the London Evening Standard will get a free ride to success? In theory it should have a better chance of making money, given that it has no competition whatsoever.
But as Greg Watts points out in a comment here, the Standard is just not doing a very good job of representing Londoners and their lives. I hardly ever bother to pick it up on my commute – even fending off the desperate distributors at Waterloo Station.
It’s big, bulky – and just not very engaging as a paper. God help me, I sort of preferred The London Paper for a low-impact and cursory read on the train.

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