Tuesday, November 3, 2009...12:26 pm

House of correction

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I approached yesterday’s feedback session with journalism students with some trepidation. Although I wanted my criticism to be robust, I also wanted to avoid putting them off writing for life.
As it was, I needn’t have worried. It went pretty well. No one actually went for me with a sharp object, and some said they really wanted to get more feedback to improve. Which is great – because that’s exactly what it’s all about.
In the spirit of quid pro quo, it’s also important for lecturers to acknowledge the feedback of students. I’m very keen to ensure that whatever criticism I’m making of student writing [a] makes sense and [b] addresses the areas they want to improve.
So, journalism students. Don’t be afraid to give feedback as well. I’m happy to take on board suggestions about critiquing student work, shaping whatever guidance I give to address their concerns, be it style, structure, research or whatever.
Generally the problem is structure though. I’m just saying.

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