Friday, December 11, 2009...8:30 am

Signs of the times #1: Lobster goes online only

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Just discovered via Taking Out The Trash – venerable “journal of parapolitics” Lobster has moved to online only distribution.
I subscribed to Lobster for several years back in the 1990s. I often found it hard going (there’s only so much I can ever want to know about the Bilderberg Group). But the whole microwaves and mind control issue is going to explode in the Government’s face, I tell you.
It’s been produced from Robin Ramsey’s house in Hull since 1983, but now it seems the web has finally caught up with it. Or maybe he’s finally caught up with the web.
Anyway – it’ll be the first time I’ve actually read a copy for quite a few years. So that says something…

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