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If only "professionals" should be journalists, why do they keep getting it wrong?

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#newsrw Lots of excitement was generated by Telegraph digital media chief Greg Hadfield’s resignation announcement at news:rewired.
But of all those tiresome bloggers and not-real-journalists Tweeting and wittering about the event – who was it who reported and got the facts wrong?
Oh, yes. Roy Greenslade. In the Guardian. You know, one of those purveyors of “quality journalism” we’re always asked to pay for to protect democracy.
From the Greenslade media blog:

He stood up at the news rewired conference at City University to make a keynote speech, told a questioner that newspapers had no future and, as a consequence, he was leaving his job.

Two things.

  1. He wasn’t making a keynote. He was on a panel.
  2. He wasn’t standing up when he revealed the news. He was sitting – on the panel (I was there. I remember).

Small things, small things. But, you know, wrong.
Worth noting when faced with hacks sneering at the efforts of so-called amateurs…

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  • Press Gazette managed to re-christen the event Journalism Rewired, in spite of the very large news:rewired banner hanging in the main auditorium over the speakers’ heads, the site, hashtagged tweets etc.

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