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News:rewired session – multimedia journalism

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#newsrw Some tips from Adam Westbrook on creating an effective audio slideshow.
[vimeo width=”266″ height=”200″][/vimeo]Why a slideshow?
It’s cheaper and easier than video – and there’s less messing around. Can better focus on the story.
Tips for success

  • Focus on story and character
  • Pre-interview your subject by phone – work out your story in advance so you can plan photos and sound
  • Does the story have great audio potential? Think of effects – background noise (traffic, water) and music
  • What about photos? Spend time thinking of effective and atmospheric shots
  • Let pictures breathe – give the audience enough time to register  and explore them on screen

Tools of the trade

  • Decent audio recorder
  • Digital SLR camera
  • Editing software (he uses Soundslides)

The New York Times has created an evocative series of audio slideshow portraits of the city in its One in 8 million feature.

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