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News:rewired – your handy guide

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#newsrw Rather than adding too much to the slew of news:rewired reviews and analysis, here’s a handy guide to some of the coverage session by session. For all your Twittering and Flickring needs, check out the news:rewired site’s Buzz page.
( has prepared its own catch-up guide, which is doubtless better. They organised it, after all. Send your blog links to Judith Townend in case they want to keep it updated.)
What the bloggers said:

Keynote: 10:30 – 10:45

[vimeo width=”200″ height=”150″][/vimeo]George Brock, head of journalism department, City University.
George Brock believes he should be a professor of chaos history, and likens the search for solutions to the challenges of digital media as “throwing spaghetti at a wall”.
What the bloggers said:

I liked Brock’s point that technology is not always the disruptive social force we sometimes credit it as being. Although western media picked up on the Twitter campaign by Iranian dissidents last year, actually the regime is more threatened by opponents stamping slogans on banknotes.
So many banknotes now carry opposition messages that the government wants to recall them all. But that would destroy the economy. Very clever – very low tech.

Presentation: 10:45 – 11.10

[vimeo width=”200″ height=”150″][/vimeo]Kevin Marsh, BBC College of Journalism, on the challenges of learning new multimedia and social media skills. Key message: Big media will not die.
What the bloggers said:

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