Thursday, February 25, 2010...9:15 am

Typekit experiment: conclusion

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It’s time to turn my Typekit code off. Typekit offers an online library of fonts you can use in your blog or web site without relying on it being installed on your visitor’s computer.
Though it’s been exciting to see Freelance Unbound with a headline font that isn’t either Georgia or Verdana (the web’s two default typefaces), It’s time to return to sober normality.
The audience reaction has been overwhelming – you hate it. Well, if my sample of one is representative. “It is a horrible font and makes your entries look like you’re trying to appeal to 6 year olds”, apparently.
Well, I kind of liked it, but what do I know. Also, if you were using an old browser, it appeared as some kind of Zapf Chancery-like scrolly typeface that looked a bit rubbish, so maybe it’s for the best. 
So, farewell then, quirky Edding 780. Welcome back, responsible Georgia.

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