Thursday, May 27, 2010...8:30 am

What’s the value of journalism?

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An excellent question – and one that’s going to be debated on Friday June 11 at the London School of Economics by Channel 4’s Jon Snow and the Huffington Post’s Ariana Huffington, among others.
The event is, fairly obviously, The Value of Journalism, and it’s being put on by the BBC College of Journalism and media think-tanky things Polis and Not On The Wires.
To celebrate, media blogger Martin Cloake and I will enjoy a week of cut-and-thrust debate on the value of journalism between our respective blogs. It’ll start on Monday 31 May 7 June 14 June (oh, for goodness sake, let’s get organised), student marking permitting, and it’s open to anyone with a more-or-less coherent viewpoint to chip in their ha’pennyworth. Go on – what else are you going to do while you wait for Wimbledon to start?


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