Thursday, July 8, 2010...11:15 pm

Why fact-checking should start early

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Anna CarnochanNine-year-old Anna Carnochan has been in the news today, taking the prime minister to task over a potential tax on toys.
She wasn’t happy with his reply, it seems, and is pursuing the matter with the tenacity of a young Jeremy Paxman. Apparently Anna “wants to be a news reporter” when she’s older. She’s currently drafting a new letter to press him for more focused and detailed answers.
Here’s my tip for getting more out of your interviewee: spell his name right. Then maybe “David Camron” will take your letter more seriously.
Yes, I know she’s only young. But this is why I have to deal with undergraduates who don’t understand why getting facts right is important. The rot has to stop…


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