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What’s the problem with the Query Posts WordPress plug-in?

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Warning: intense WordPress geekery ahead


WordPress has gone all version 3.0 recently, and plug-in authors have been busily updating their software.

This has been fine so far, but yesterday I updated the fine Query Posts plug-in by high-profile WordPress author Justin Tadlock. And it has screwed up.

Query Posts is a super useful and well-produced plug-in that allows you to call up posts from your database of content using a whole range of criteria – from date and category to keyword tag or author name.

But as soon as it had updated to version 0.3, my sidebar list of posts turned from an orderly list of post titles in a neat, widget-style box (above left) to giant H2 headlines with full-blown excerpts underneath (above right). And I’m blowed if I can find out how to make them revert to the way they were.

In fact, when I tried to change the giant H2 headline to a smaller typeface, it seemed to screw up the other sidebar headlines too, so I’ve had to deactivate it.

Has any other WordPress user had this trouble? I’d be interested to know if it’s just me being more stupid than usual…

[UPDATE: Via the themehybrid support site (actually worth the $25 annual membership, I’ve found), I am informed that if you just need a list, you can select the blank option for entry_title, and then don’t forget to select ul from the pulldown menu for entry_container]


  • Sorry, can’t help with specific problem: I don’t use this plugin.
    BUT I was surprised to hear you’d had a problem, because I found the upgrade from WP 2.9 to 3.0 incredibly trouble-free. I had been rather dreading it, but have had not a single incompatibility problem with any plugins or templates or, well, anything.
    I’m still suspicious, convinced that something awful will happen any minute…

  • The major upgrade from 2.9 to 3.0 went like a dream – nothing broke.
    The minor upgrade from 3.0 to 3.0.1 was a disaster – took my site down for at least six hours and I keep finding new problems.
    Moral of the story: wait a few days before updating and keep all communication channels open listening for reports by others happy to live on the bleeding edge.

  • Soilman: No problems with the WordPress upgrade – I think it’s down to the plugin itself. Which is odd, because the author does high quality stuff. When I’ve finished moving house I’ll get back on it…

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