Thursday, November 4, 2010...11:14 am

Schoolgirls and sexy trousers – a clarification

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I had to read the first paragraph of this Metro splash twice to ensure I didn’t misinterpret what was going on:

“Schoolgirls are being told to take off their ‘too sexy’ trousers when they arrive for lessons…”

Uh – oh, I see. Then they put on some other trousers that aren’t sexy.
Phew – that could have been a whole other can of worms.
[And I love the inappropriately positioned picture caption of the US President – how the Tea Party would love that…]


  • Maybe I’m from another time, those are the least sexy trousers I’ve ever seen. It’s a novel idea to provide trousers for them to change into, I like it, but it won’t work. As long as the clothes aren’t bolted to them, they’ll find some way to make them more sexy/fashionable/revealing/whatever.
    This is how it’s always been. My rebellion was to roll up the waistband of my skirt to make it shorter, and to bend my hat out of shape. It was more difficult to make the dresses of the summer uniform shorter, but as soon as I’d mastered the art of dressmaking I made my own. Problem sorted.

  • I think those must be the ones they’re forced to change into. You’re quite right – those minxes will find a way to make them alluring though…

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