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Top 5 comment spam

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How I love my comment spam. Thanks to the excellent Akismet plugin, I don’t generally have to moderate it, and it’s very rare that real comments get caught in it. So I can just empty the spam bin (currently 164 comments) whenever I remember, safe in the knowledge that there’s very little risk of losing genuine reader input.

Before I do, though, let’s have a look at some of the top-notch comments that the sellers of Viagra and various other adult services think will trick their way into Freelance Unbound. Here’s my top five.

  1. Leandro Gschwind
    “Intimately, the post is in reality the freshest on this laudable topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your approaching updates. Saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the fantasti c lucidity in your writing. I will right away grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Fabulous work and much success in your business dealings!”
    “Fantasti c lucidity” almost got this approved on its own, never mind the great commenter name.
  2. Australian Brothels
    “Great post – bookmarked!”
    Not really worthy of recommendation, except for the post chosen to comment on: “Ladybird Junior Science: ideal grounding for the Open University”, which is so inappropriate it gets the crucial extra marks.
  3. Persons Unknown
    “Persons Unknown is an American mystery drama tv series that revolves around strangers who are imprisoned inside a little ghost town. Diverse strangers find themselves stranded in a forsaken town with no clue about how they got there. Security cameras are watching their every move, defeating their attempts to escape. Faced with physical challenges, the hostages must trust each other to endure as their abductors sow mistrust and pit them against each other. At the same time, a reporter starts to investigate the disappearances of the missing people despite aggression by those who apparently know their every move.”
    Which is actually very interesting – it is a US mystery drama series that I’d like to watch. Shame the comment wasn’t posted on one of my TV-relevant posts, or I might have published it. Here’s a link (though not to the spammer).
  4. E Cigarettes
    “Winsome thoughts right here. Are you convinced it is the accurate solution to look at it although? My own private practical knowledge is the fact that we really should virtually dwell and let are living because what one particular man or woman thinks just — another man or woman simply will not. Human beings are heading to perform what they want to do. Within the end, they usually do. Probably the most we can hope for is always to establish a number of factors here and there that hopefully, makes it possible for them to create just a small superior informed decision.” 
    It’s almost philosophy. As soon as I figure out what it means, I’m going to put it into practice in my own life. The clincher was the contrast between the content and the poster’s name.
  5. Madie Rijo
    The following pair of superhero-sized hand protection seems to be identical to the Hulk character’s fingers using glide proper in excess of possession regarding slamming superhero make-believe! Release people inner super hero these kinds of super-sized set of two Hulk-inspired hand protection. Thorough with stuffed blood vessels along with huge environment friendly fingernails, these kind of outsized, cushiony gloves are generally the lighter in weight using that they look. Get ahead–pack your comfortable, but hero-sized hand techinque. Evaluate 9?L x 9?W.
    Uh… sometimes the internet bewilders even me.

Fabulous stuff – do keep it coming, comment spammers. Maybe I’ll run a competition and publish the most creative efforts. Or, you know, maybe I won’t. You’ll have to keep posting and wait and see…

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