Tuesday, November 23, 2010...9:00 am

TED’s Chris Anderson: media needs passionate consumers

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Quote of the day from Future Publishing founder and TED conference curator Chris Anderson speaking at a Creative Bath event last month:

We’re obsessed with attention […] but when we measure it we measure it all wrong. We obsess over quantity of attention – circulation, page views, ratings; we obsess over demographics. But the third axis of attention is far more important. It’s intensity; it’s quality. Because the difference between high-engagement, focused-attention media and casual, take-it-or-leave it media is not 20% more or 20% better – it’s orders of magnitude. That’s what we call passion.

Here’s the video of his keynote speech (it starts at 4:25, after a trailer for the TED conference. Quote is at 11:50):

I also like his “I screwed up” admission a few minutes earlier…

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