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Scraped content from The Daily available via Tumblr site

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It seems The Daily’s walled garden of iPad content has been opened up almost as soon as the publication is launched.
Via German newspaper site SpiegelOnline comes the news that The Daily content is now available via a Tumblr site. Now it seems anyone can access the latest content from The Daily free of charge, and on any platform.
Well – on closer inspection it seems this is just the free, web-friendly content simply packaged up for your convenience. Los Angeles programmer Andy Baio has cunningly filtered The Daily’s shared content via Twitter and Facebook and collected it together again – in effect replicating much of the content of the walled-off publication.
It’s not the full package, and it lacks the multi-meejah glitz – but it does kind of indicate the difficulties Murdoch faces in trying to suppress the sharing of online information…
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