Friday, February 11, 2011...8:30 am

Should you turn your CV/resume into an infographic?

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Hmm – probably not. Via Happenupon comes this fantastic (in all senses) infographic of someone’s working life. I guess this might be effective if you are going for a job creating infographics. Otherwise – don’t go there…

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  • That is truely horrible. There’s too much on one diagram and you’re eye is all over the place trying to take it in and work out the key at the same time. three separate diagrams might have a better effect.
    I think you’re right, it might get you a job in infographics, but I don’t think anyone else would look at it long enough to get the information they needed.
    It’s partly a matter of familiarity. If you are used to using a certain kind of visual shorthand you can get meaning from it in a flash. Present your CV in simple conventional two axis graphs and it might be read, or even impress, if the employer is used to reading graphs. If they don’t read graphs, or just don’t like them, you’re liable to turn them off straight away.

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