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No money in classified advertising? Thank goodness sex sells…

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Here’s a fantastic argument against the privacy super-injunction by journalism professor Tim Luckhurst in today’s Sun.
Essentially it boils down to this:

Without stories about sex and celebs to attract readers, this country will lose popular papers that for over a century have made it a genuine people’s democracy.

So – the key reason it is in the public interest to rake through celebrities’ muck-filled private lives is that it gives newspapers the funds to do real journalism. Sort of takes the place of classified advertising.
Watch out for The Sun justifying doing some low-key drug dealing or car theft to fund the millions that it spends “covering politics, world affairs and the environment”. On page 2.


  • “Please, law lords, let us write about people’s sex lives so we can keep our jobs”
    They just don’t get it, do they? In any normal person’s view, this is an argument for privacy law, not against it.

  • Where is the logic lol…. Maybe more people would start reading the real journalists if there was less pulp and gossip in news papers.

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