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Friday PR placement: war zone journalism

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Following the recent debate over bribes for bloggers, I offer a recent and unmediated arrival in my inbox from the lovely Gemma at Fido PR:

I have attached information about a new exhibition about journalism in war zones that I thought would be of interest for your blog.

Imperial War Museum North in Manchester is presenting the UK’s first major exhibition about British War correspondents, revealing the people behind the news reporting in war zones from 1914 to the present day. The dangers, difficulties and dramas of the job are told by reporters in their own words in interviews specially recorded for the exhibition.

There are many unique, historic items from household name reporters on display for the first time. You can see the bullet that deflected into Kat Adie’s leg in the conflict in Lebanon, a burqa worn by John Simpson to secretly enter Afghanistan in 2011, the typewriter Michael Nicholson used to write his reports from Vietnam and one of Martin Bell’s trademark white suits, which became familiar to viewers during his reports from the Bosnian war.

Well – that’s lovely. And it’s free, too. It runs from 28 May 2011 to 2 January 2012. Go to for more details.

So – um – where’s my freebie? Gemma? Gemma?

[NB: note to all PR agencies. You know, I probably won’t do this again.]


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