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Freebie of the week: Good Times, Bad Times

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Harold Evans_Good Times, Bad Times
The lovely Eleanor Riches at Acorn Independent Press writes:
“I was wondering if you might be interested to see the new edition of Good Times Bad Times by Harold Evans. A pioneer of investigative journalism, Harold worked his way through the ranks of student journalism, through regional papers, before becoming editor of The Times. A proper veteran of print journalism, Harold was stunned by the political manoeuvrings and shady deals he would become party to there.”
Why, yes Eleanor – that would be fabulous. And here it is in the post this morning. I’ll get right on it – as soon as I’ve got to grips with my new OU maths course…
More from the blurb:
“Evans crossed swords with Rupert Murdoch, and discovered the sinister inner workings of his empire. Almost two decades prior to the hacking scandal, Harold Evans smelt the rat that broke all over the papers earlier this year.
“This fascinating story of the grisly details behind News Corp is available for the first time as an e-book, with a fully updated preface from the author, who sat mere inches away from his former employer when the custard pie hit. I’m sure this would be of great interest to your readers.”
I am too – let’s hope I can crack calculus quickly.

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