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What skills do journalism students need to get a job in PR? (Clue: social media)

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At a recent talk to journalism students at UCA in Farnham, Paul Marinko, media and public affairs manager at Surrey County Council, revealed the key skills required for journalism students who want to work in local government PR and public affairs. In short:

  • Social media
  • Video editing and package making*
  • Content is king – you need storytelling skills
  • Good writing – it’s amazing how many people in PR can’t write effectively

Crucially, you don’t just need technical ability in social media software and platforms – you need the communications judgement to know how to handle interaction on social media. Does something need an apology or a slap down? How important are the comments and commentators? How do you develop followers and engagement?

“Keep up with social media networks, keep aware of how best to communicate with social media, as it is gong to be the future of PR”

*Clearly our own trademark wobblycam® video camerawork fails utterly on this score

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