Thursday, February 26, 2009...6:55 pm

Problems with Twitter feed

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TweetfeedThe nice folk at BlogCatalog sent me a link to use their new Tweetfeed service, which allows you to create a custom Twitter feed on the topic of your choice (say, journalism, just to pluck something out of the air) and then stick the feed on your blog via a widget.
Typically, of course, I can’t get it to work – though it’s in Beta, so it may not be my fault. After tripping up over their search syntax, I managed to sort out a feed OK – but when I tried to add it to Freelance Unbound, it wouldn’t play ball. Instead of looking like this, it just comes up as a link under the blog roll on the right.
I’m not a huge Twitter fan – it’s a bit too much like SMS for my taste. And unlike blogging, which you can kind of do on your own as it has other, non-social-network uses, you really have to build a network for it to mean anything.
Having said that, I can see its uses in things like microblog reporting from live events (I followed the London Mayoral elections in 2008 on the London Paper micro blog as it happens, as it was the only thing like live coverage that seemed to be available where I was, since I didn’t have a TV).
Out of technical interest, then, I’m going to keep trying to add various social networking functions to this blog. Even if I am too old to actually get anything out of them…

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