Thursday, February 26, 2009...8:44 pm

Twitter feed update

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Well, after a bit of random copying and pasting of RSS links, I have got some kind of feed visible in the sidebar column. But bizarrely, it bears no relation to the Tweetfeed I copied it from, and if you click through to the RSS feed itself, it bears no relation to that either.
In fact, I have no idea how these Tweets are being generated. Which leads me to think this may not be the added-value bonus that it is supposed to be.
I’m going to leave it up for a while, just to emphasise how tricky the web can be, and to remind myself how difficult it is to be clever. Let it be a lesson in humility.
I suspect that all this might work a lot better if I had a properly hosted blog, with full plugin functionality. And all this after less than a month of real posting! Next stop Joomla

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