Monday, March 2, 2009...1:08 pm

The slow, sad death of print #3

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The FT reports on the closure of the Rocky Mountain News, Colorado’s oldest newspaper. The story is picked up and aggregated with the rest of the weekend’s print news carnage by Recovering Journalist here in typically apocalyptic style:

This was the week that was–the beginning of the end. Newspapers, as we know them, are dead.

Mark Potts’s Recovering Journalist blog has been banging on about the death of print for a while, and to me it seems fairly clear that we are at something of an inflection point in the media. But it’s interesting that there’s still stiff resistance to the idea in the publishing/training/education field. Possibly the resistance is stiffer in education – which, as I’ve noted before, has a certain inbuilt resistance to rapid change. 
Perhaps it’s a bit like Woolworths – it’s been around for a century or more and somehow you can’t believe it’ll ever vanish. But if its commercial model goes, there’s no way it can stay in business…


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