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Young people write in txtspk – shock

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Via the Communicators in Business web site – a link to a government report that finds young people leave school or college minus key everyday learnings such as how to write in real English rather than SMS speak, or how to take a phone message:

The report finds that although many schools, colleges and universities are preparing their students well for the workplace, provision is patchy and many employers have to spend time and money on new recruits to give them everyday skills, like answering a telephone correctly, or taking a message, how to write reports in English, rather than text-speak, or what a filing cabinet is for.

In fairness, I used to be a bit rubbish at effectively taking phone messages, partly because I suffered from a bad case of teenage for a number of years and also, oddly, because I am old enough to have missed out on the phone-as-my-entire-life stage that young people seem to go through in more modern times. Still, I imagine they’ll learn. The problem, as I have posted before, and will no doubt again, is that the later you leave it to try to instill this stuff as the basic rules of communication, the more difficult it will be to absorb…

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