Friday, March 13, 2009...2:22 pm

More übergeekery

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I have been wondering what I might do as a first run for a basic Drupal site, basically to give me a project to help me learn the CMS.
“Could I migrate WordPress to it, using xml?” I wondered, geekily.
Yes! For there on the excellent Drupal site was a link to a Drupal module that would do this very thing.  
Thereupon, I spent a bit of time installing the module, and all the other bits that you always have to add to make anything work with a tech installation. How pleased with myself I was – for I was king of the journo geeks! 
Then of course, after clicking the update button, I refreshed the screen and found … nothing. Yes – just a blank white browser window. How my inflated sense of self esteem deflated rapidly.
After some cursing and turning the Apache server on and off, I figured I should just delete the module. Which of course instantly solved the problem. 
So now I’m back to square one. I reckon it’s all because there is some version clash between the module and the 6.x Drupal I have installed. More fun this evening maybe. Unless I get a life…

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