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On the day that Freelance Unbound is included on the blogroll for the first time (and in the top slot no less! Though only as it’s the most recent) I checked out the WordPress web statistics to find – today’s was the lowest traffic since the start of March. Hmm. 
Well, I sort of expected a mini spike in traffic, once I realised it had been included, but it seems not. Interesting how that goes – maybe users don’t spend much time on the blog roll, preferring the news and job pages. (Or maybe something will happen this evening.) 
Either way, it’s interesting. As it happens, I’m particularly interested in the ways in which people find their way around the internet and the blogosphere. Are blogs read mainly by bloggers? (Which would mean the WordPress site itself was more important for building an audience). Or do people find odd relevant posts via a Google search and then maybe stay on board if they find the rest of the content compelling?
I wonder how much crossover there is between those who enjoy what the media has always done – news, features, analysis – and those who enjoy the partisan and largely non-professional cloud of comment and interaction in blogs. Maybe not so much.

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