Saturday, March 14, 2009...11:33 am

Fleet Foxes stop motion animation

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Lovely to see this video of the Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal, featuring what looks like a specially commissioned piece of stopframe animation. With a semi-experienced eye, I can see that, while the production design is nice and the storyboard works well, the animation itself is pretty simple for the most part – no interaction between characters really, no  lip synch, no walking around and only the handle-turning/sky-rotating business looking like it might have been a bit more complicated to do.
All the same, they’ve done some nice water effects that are clearly not digital [along with fire, one of the top two problematic things to achieve in stop motion] and the whole thing works really well with the track. Just goes to show what you can achieve even if you’re not Aardman…

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