Saturday, March 14, 2009...4:38 pm

Successful Drupal import

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Finally, after quite a bit of noodling around, I have managed to export my WordPress blog and import it successfully into Drupal. To those with a life, this is perhaps not so impressive. But given Drupal’s quite astonishingly unintuitive user interface I am quite pleased with myself.  
If anyone wants to do something similar, the module can be downloaded here. It was the same one that blanked out the browser first time round, but restarting seemed to solve that snafu. Then you have to make sure you map the content to a user. Yes, I know – I zoned out too. And that’s why Drupal said “import successful” but no content appeared. So – there’s a crucial “create user” button you have to activate before it works.
And now? I have to start creating a user interface. That’s the weekend gone. The real downside is that last night I actually dreamed about PHP code strings. You have no idea how disturbing that is…


  • May I know why did you imported to drupal.Did’nt like wordpress so much.
    If this happens with u then tell me which one is better….?

  • freelanceunbound
    March 15th, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks for visiting. If you check out a few of my Technology category posts, you’ll see that I am basically trying to learn Drupal (and Joomla) in order to be able to build CMS-based web sites. I have been wondering what I might do as a first run for a basic Drupal site, basically to give me a project to help me learn the CMS. And look! I have my WordPress blog with a fair amount of content on it, so I figured it would be a nice experiment to try to migrate it to Drupal. I am very happy with WordPress as a blogging tool for the moment, and I think Drupal would be way too advanced for my everyday use at the moment. But I can see that Drupal is much more sophisticated if you are building a more complex site. I will keep posting about my experience with Drupal though, so check in from time to time if ou are interested to see that…

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