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I enjoy blathering about journalism to Kingston students

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KingstonToday I spent an hour in a vast lecture theatre giving a talk about freelance journalism to first-year students at Kingston University. 
It was great fun, actually, and I got to use their super high-tech AV equipment (which luckily didn’t break down on me). That’s me on the right looking suitably dorky in front of a huge screen shot of this blog. Oh yes – I never miss an opportunity to pimp Freelance Unbound in public. 
Apart from the fact that I should really wear a jacket (invaluable style advice from my personal grooming consultant), it went quite well.
What did I blather about? My own erratic freelance career path through business publishing; the relentless need to skill up in order to stay employable; and, well, money – or the lack of it in journalism. There’s no use leaving the kids starry-eyed and thinking it’s a way to easy cash, frankly. 
I was deliberately a bit jaded and cynical about it all – but I should stress that this is a better way to earn a living than anything involving, say, heavy lifting. 
The audience was pretty quiet for the most part – partly because they were first years. I think the third years had essay deadline issues. Or maybe the glorious sunshine outside proved a stronger draw than me. Difficult though that is to believe.
But a tip for future student audiences – don’t be shy; ask more questions. Visiting lecturers love questions. Seriously. That’s what we’re here for.


  • You’re looking good – as ever! But: “I should really wear a jacket”. You should! 😉 At least when you’re not playing with clay and puppets… No, seriously, step in with a jacket, get out of it, give your lecture, step in again when leaving… Content is so much more iportant than Design…

  • pleasure having you!

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