Thursday, April 30, 2009...9:42 am

I soar up the Technorati rankings

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Out of curiosity, I just went back to Technorati for the first time, probably, since I registered there. 
Kind of gratifyingly, I find I am now ranked at 2,476,024 in the universe of blogs. Well, in the universe of Technorati-registered or otherwise noted blogs. I don’t actually know the difference, strictly speaking. 
Eagle-eyed readers with a keen memory and geeky tendencies may remember I started out with a ranking of 4,770,814 in late Fenruary. This is clearly fantastic news, and I will be celebrating hard at Chinawhite this very evening. (You know, if it’s actually open and they let me in).
What does this meteoric rise mean? I have no idea. But the numbers don’t lie. Oh no…


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