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What's the scoop on LivingScoop?

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Back to the grind this week, but just time to wonder what’s up with “video sharing site”
Like other journos, perhaps, I received an email invitation to “register my interest” in the site a few days ago. In slightly strangled English, it claims to be: 

A very good place for training, improving and to promote and value your creativity, skills and audaciousness whether you are a journalist
(student, rookie or experienced), a reporter or a simple witness of what is happening in everyday life whatever the country you are in.

I have to say I’m a little suspicious. There are no details other than the slightly florid mission statement, and there’s no email contact address. Is this just a strange bid to harvest email addresses for some future scam?
If so, I can think of better paid potential targets (London Underground drivers, for example).
But even if it’s not some dubious piece of web fraud, is there a point in having a new video-sharing vehicle? 
YouTube may have the eyeballs, but it’s true that you have to sift a vast number of videos to reach anything serious. And a genuinely journalism-focused user-generated video site could be a useful showcase and meeting point for established and would-be journalists. 
In the bold spirit of exploration and journalistic enquiry, therefore, I’ll give it a go. And since they seem to have my email address already, I guess it won’t do too much harm to “leave freely [my] email address”.
Expect updates as the contents of my bank account are siphoned off to some mafioso in Nigeria, Russia or points east…

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