Tuesday, September 22, 2009...10:55 am

Plugin madness

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Moving to my own hosting space and unleashing me on the world of WordPress has been a bit like letting a small, excitable dog loose in a butcher’s shop.
For my world is suddenly chock full of plugins. Plugins to do virtually everything, it seems, bar the washing up. (And I understand someone somewhere is working on a PHP script for that, too.)
Of course, in my plugin installation frenzy, I managed to break the website – generating a “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted” message and losing my Tag Cloud in the process.
Thus it was that, barely 24 hours after signing up for hosting space (BlueHost if you’re interested – mainly because WordPress recommended them, though I know it’s only for the affiliate kickback), I had to wrestle with my PHP admin console. Have you ever had to edit your php.ini file? Try to avoid it.
It was straightforward enough in the end, but the stress of worrying that I would actually make Freelance Unbound vanish off the face of the earth and never, NEVER be able to open it again was hellish.
Back to normal service soon – once I finish working out how to set up my shiny new podcasting plugin…

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  • As usual, The Wartime Housewife is at sea.
    What is a plug-in?
    What is PHP?
    What is a hosting space?
    I quite understand if everyone else knows these things and you would prefer to explain ‘off site’.

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