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Editorial integrity – the view from India

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Times of IndiaIf you thought editorial integrity was being undermined in the UK, take a look at the Times of India
Indian journalism blogger Sans Serif has an interesting post on an investigation by finance journalist Sucheta Delal on the way the Times of India not only sells news coverage in the paper, but also uses that coverage to boost companies that it has bought shares in. This is achieved by using what are known as private treaties (PT). 
Quoting Delal, he says:

“Journalists are being designated as ‘champions’ for PT clients to tailor editorial coverage to enhance the value of these companies and TOI’s investment.”

A note of warning: watch out for the lack of a link to the source. I’ve been trying to track down the original report without success. Nonetheless, It’s a sobering piece. In comparison, it makes the Daily Mirror City Clickers share tip scandal look like very small beer. And they ended up going to jail…

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  • Yeah in the UK the PCC Code of Conduct actually prevents financial journalists writing about companies they have shares in. There should be a similar code in India surely?

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