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Cutbacks at Haymarket Brand Media

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Just spotted at FleetStreetBlues (via Jon Slattery) – Haymarket closes Media Week.
Well, it’s going online only – but as FleetStreetBlues is so right to point out, the other two marketing titles that went online only this year have just been swallowed by Haymarket’s Brand Republic web portal. So they don’t really exist anymore.
As I wrote at the time, I was sorry enough to see Promotions & Incentives and Marketing Direct end their life in print. I spent many happy years at Haymarket Brand Media (though it wasn’t called that when I started), including Promotions & Incentives, Marketing Direct and the used-to-be-weekly, then-went-monthly, now-it’s-a-quarterly-supplement Revolution magazine.
I suspect Revolution doesn’t have long to live in print either. I’m actually surprised it’s kept going as long as it has. It’s a fine magazine – don’t get me wrong – but it makes no real sense to have a monthly physical magazine about the cutting edge of virtual web marketing. In fact, of all the titles, I would have expected it to go online only first.
I’m simultaneously very sorry about the closures and cutbacks – especially as I know many of the people still there – and also selfishly relieved to have moved on in the past couple of years to other areas. There’s no easy ride in media at the moment – but I’m glad I’m not relying on that division of Haymarket to pay my rent now…

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