Monday, December 21, 2009...2:16 pm

Journalism job ads: not for actual jobs any more #3

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Here’s a fine example of a cool-sounding TV presenter “job” that many young journalists would scramble for.
The catch? It’s that attractive “Voluntary” salary. Which is code for “no money” – though they do offer food and travel expenses.
As well as devoting one day a fortnight to filming and presenting the show, any young presenters willing to work for food need to research panellists and topics in advance (read: do extra work. For nothing.)
And also be clued up on current affairs and have skills in live presentation to an audience.
Actually, this sounds like a nice, interesting work experience opportunity that could be quite valuable.
But despite what the ad says,  it’s not actually a job. Just to make that clear…

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  • As the mainstream job market contracts in recession, advertisements promising “make a living writing” or urging “be a journalist” mushroom. Journalism is easy, right?
    It seems there are countless examples of such opportunities to “enhance your portfolio” these days. It is a merry-go-round that will no doubt eventually crash.
    As someone elsewhere recently asked: “Why don’t these companies factor in the cost of paying writers when putting together their business plans?”
    Quite right. But with an endless supply of wannabes deluding themselves, why should they?

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