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Top tips for media freelancers #4

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Today’s tips come from long-time freelance sub-editor Loveday Cuming, who recognises the importance of interpersonal skills to freelance success, particularly when it comes to office-based subbing and production shifts.

  1. Be proactive with your network
    It’s all very well having a bulging contacts book of potential employers, but if all they do is stay in your diary or Excel spreadsheet you’re losing out. Put some effort into maintaining the contacts you have, as well as finding new ones.
  2. Follow up leads
    Don’t sit there waiting for the phone to ring. If you anyone you know has heard of some shifts going on a paper or magazine, always make contact to ask for work. And if anyone tells you they have mentioned your name as a potential freelancer to a chief sub, don’t just hang around for the call – follow up any recommendation by introducing yourself.
  3. Be a chameleon
    Others in this series have stressed the need to be friendly and approachable, but crucially match the level and tone of the team. There’s no point in being wacky if the team is very straight. Try to blend in – freelancers need to have something of the chameleon about them.
  4. Keep on top of your finances
    Be aware of what’s coming in and going out and always chase up late payments. Be organised about it – use a spreadsheet to track what you’ve invoiced for and when, and when that payment goes overdue.

More suggestions welcome from media freelancers…
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