Friday, June 11, 2010...12:50 am

#VOJ10: What's the value of journalism? A debate

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To mark the Value of Journalism event at the London School of Economics today (Friday 11 June 2010), media blogger Martin Cloake and I are debating that very question on our respective blogs.
It’s a kind of two-venue affair – he’ll be holding forth on his fine blog, and I’ll be replying on mine. For the very best reader experience, we recommend you travel from one to the other through the magic of web interlinkage – but I’ll be giving enough context here so you don’t have to bother if it’s really too much trouble.
We’re kicking off (for real, in case anyone has seen my previous attempt at scheduling this) on Monday 14 June at 9am sharp. We’d both love you to drop by and take aim at our argument – all vaguely on-topic comments are more than welcome.

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