Friday, June 11, 2010...1:30 pm

#VOJ10: How newsworthy are national newspapers?

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To celebrate today’s Value of Journalism event and my upcoming debate with Martin Cloake on that very topic, via Soilman comes a grab from the Google News reader with a feed of headlines from UK national newspapers.

How many of these stories are really “news”? Not that many it would seem…

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  • A feed reader, gathering headlines in one place, shines such a bright and brutal light on newspaper news… or what passes for it.
    I could have done this almost any day and the results would be the same: two thirds of the stories aren’t even news (they’re insignificant or trivial), and most of the rest are identikit pieces culled from wire services, press conferences or press releases and carried by everyone else.
    I know this is what we’ve become accustomed to receiving as ‘news’, but it surely isn’t.

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