Thursday, July 15, 2010...9:19 pm

First iPad-only magazine to launch

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If this job ad is to be believed, the “World’s first iPad-only magazine” is set to hit early-adopter screens in September.
Katachi claims to be “an international selection of Design, People and Business” and is recruiting for freelance journalists with “a minimum of two years’ experience or genius equivalent.”
It’s an intriguing idea. Does this point to the future of online media? It’s taken newspapers a decade or more to get used to the idea of moving beyond the idea of the periodical to something more fluid and interactive.
Perhaps it’s time the old-school was leapfrogged by new publishing models tailored to the must-have gadgets that are starting to dominate consumers’ time. This year it’s the iPhone and iPad – next year it’ll doubtless be others.
Even if this publishing experiment fails (and to be honest it’s likely), it’s pointing in the direction that online media will probably have to go.


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