Saturday, July 17, 2010...8:07 pm

Andy Davies – the unseen casualty of the Jonathan Ross affair

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Lots of meejah chat about the passing of Jonathan Ross from the BBC airwaves this week. Some decry him as “a tacky agent of unthinking self-harm” (Quentin Letts, unsurprisingly); others celebrate a “fresh, irreverent TV natural” (Mark Lawson). But all overlook the collateral damage from his fall.
No, I’m not talking about Russell Brand (he seems to be doing all right, anyway).
I’m worried about Ross’s overlooked sidekick – Andy Davies. Year after year, Davies jetted in from his home in Spain [Oops – now France it seems – thanks Roberto] to fulfil his self-proclaimed role of “producer/sidekick/devil’s advocate/giggler” on Ross’s Saturday morning Radio 2 show. Now what’s he going to do?
I know he claims to have been a radio producer for over 10 years, with experience beyond the Jonathan Ross show. But has anyone actually heard Andy Davies anywhere other than at Ross’s side?
We can only hope that Ross takes pity and carries Davies with him to ITV. Otherwise that Spanish bolthole may become a bit of an albatross…


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